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How Played powers London Sport's mission to get more people active

Max McLoughlin
Get Active is a London Sport digital behaviour change programme designed to support less active Londoners to discover and attend local activity sessions.

London Sport is using the Played platform to power this initiative.

“With Played there was an alignment of our organisational values, the people at Played really understand the sector and they are laser focused on helping the least active and those suffering from inequality and limited access to activities”

We caught up with Chris Norfield and Oli Sisman from London Sport to find out about their experience working with Played. 

Before working with Played, London Sport had a spreadsheet based sports directory solution, one of the biggest issues they had with it was its maintenance. 

“Bringing our old website design up to date, improving the user interface and making sure all activities were updated involved a lot of internal work and external liaising with design agencies.
Ultimately, the costs associated with maintaining and managing an in house activity finder were no longer feasible and highly time consuming… Played had the best looking user interface on the market”

By using the platform, Played helped the London Sport team to:
  • Promote low cost and free activities to more people in London as part of their Get Active campaign which aims to tackle inactivity during the cost of living crisis.
  • Make it easier for people to find and register for a sports activity near them.
  • Access key insights about what activities people are looking to take part in.
  • Initiate the digital transformation of sports and physical activity in London.
“Played’s ability to have highly customisable filters for our Get Active activity finder put them above other providers.
The main functionality that helps us is that Played is able to embed our personalised activity finder onto our partners websites, allowing us to drive people from various London boroughs to the activity finder, increasing awareness and participation of sports activities in London”
“The Played Activity Finder is fully autonomous and can be run with little intervention which allows us to spend more time on other aspects of London Sport.
The combination of Open Sessions and the Played platform is an optimal solution and creates a great user experience for people searching online for sports activities.
Played are like a partner, they value our feedback and are constantly looking to improve our experience and find solutions to our problems”

If you would like to find out more about how Played can help you make your activities more accessible, please schedule an introductory call here

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